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Patented Point-Lock Secure Latch

Patented Lock-in-deck Features

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1. Patented Point Lock Secure Latch™.

The patented Point Lock Secure Latch™ brings a whole new level of safety to removable mesh pool fencing. Each fence section latches together at 10′ or 12′ intervals. Preventing children from opening the fence at that point is key to maintaining a unified barrier. Gate hook type latches found on most fences merely “hook on” to the eye of the opposing section and are retained by only a simple slide mechanism. Simple upward and back pressure by 1 finger is all it takes for a child to defeat such a latch. In contrast, the patented Point Lock Secure Latch™ is comprised of two spring-actuated levers that pass through the eye of the opposing section. Once latched, no upward, downward, or “side to side” pressure can release it. To completely lock the latch, a jam nut can be threaded against the levers to prevent them from retraction. Proven effective on thousands of installations for over 10 years, the simplicity, safety, and ease of use of this latch make it the ideal choice for locking fence sections together. Plus it is crafted from solid stainless steel so rust will never be a problem.

2. Patented Lock-In-Deck™ Feature.

Most mesh pool fences are removable by releasing the section latch and lifting the posts out. Most rely upon little more than a tight fit to hold their fences in place and prevent your child from removing them. With the Point Lock Secure Latch we secured the latching portion of the equation, but that wasn’t enough. We also wanted a method by which we could lock our fence posts into the patio to prevent removal by children. So we devised a patented Lock In Deck Feature that makes it possible to actually twist lock our fence posts into the patio. Now, even if the fence section were left unlatched, the Lock in Deck™ feature would prevent removal of the post! The workings of this patented “Lock In Deck™” feature combine a post set screw and special grooved sleeve that interact to enable the fence posts to “twist-lock” into the patio. This prevents removal by children or anyone who do not have the knowledge necessary to remove it. The Lock in Deck feature gives you added security and is especially important when your toddler has an older brother or sister who might try to open the fence. Although this feature allows our fence to “lock in the deck”, it is still removable by an adult!


Fence tension depends upon straight posts, a perfect installation, and a fence mesh that doesn’t stretch too much. Even then some fences are too tight making them difficult to open and close. But, if they’re not tight enough, they might be too easy for your child to operate. All of this depends upon the age and ability of your child. To make matters worse, the variables affecting “proper” fence tension can change with weather and time not to mention your child’s age. Only Protect-A-Child’s Sure Safe System eliminates the reliance upon this inconsistent fence tension requirement. With a superior latch system that does not have to be kept tight to prevent children from pushing it open and posts that twist lock into the patio preventing children from lifting them out, we can offer the safest removable mesh pool fencing available.

3. The Superior Strength of Quad Bilt ™ Composite Fibreglass Support Posts

The Best, Most Shock Resistant Support Posts There Are. The strength and safety of your pool fence literally rests upon your fence support posts. They must endure ongoing forces of tension as well as shock. Protect-A-Child’s Quad-Bilt™ posts are produced with a proprietary 4-step process that provides incredible multidirectional strength. They have the strength and durability to support tension and flex with shock but will not become bent like aluminium posts. Independent testing shows our Quad Bilt™ composite posts to be stronger and more shock resistant than all other posts on the market be they aluminium or composite. Just as a stiff fishing rod can flex continually and rigorously yet maintain its strength, resiliency, and integrity – so it is with Protect-A-Child Quad-Bilt™ post. Twelve years of actual field use experience give us the confidence to back them with a lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending.

The Result? Protect-A-Child Offers The Best and Safest Mesh Pool Fencing Available.

Key Features

Great colour selection

Lifetime Warranty

Lock in deck features

Self latching gates

Climb resistant mesh

Point Lock section latch

Removable in minutes

Colour keyed patio clips