Safeguard your children with a Pool Safety Fence.
Protecting families across Europe & Beyond.

Fibreglass at a glance

100% Composite Fibreglass Pool Fence Posts & Mouldings
GUARANTEED! against breaking and bending
Black, brown, and tan colours post colours are "built in" with coloured resins. Will not scratch, peel or flake off
Does not conduct electricity – meets all Electrical Codes for your pool
Does not become hot in the sun like metal posts
Patented POINT LOCK SECURE LATCH available for superior safety
Patented LOCK-IN-DECK capability
Lifetime Warranty
Assembled with the highest quality components
Supplied and installed by experts throughout Europe inc UK, France, Spain and beyond.

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Fibreglass Pool Safety Fence in detail

Lifetime Warranty
The superior characteristics of these pool fence posts, combined with our 20 plus years of field experience installing them gives us the confidence to back them with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty against both breakage and bending. If your solid core fiberglass fence posts ever break or become bent whilst being used as a pool fence we will replace simply them. No quibble or hassle, just call us directly with the details of how they have failed and we will take action immediately.

Wont become bent or crooked
Let's face it, if there wasn't a safety risk, you probably wouldn't want to fence your swimming pool. Even worse would be if the pool fence you did install became crooked due to bent support posts. Mesh pool fence posts are under constant stress from the tension that holds the mesh taut. This tension is magnified when the fence changes direction and turns around corners. Children running into or falling against an aluminum post fence can snap the posts clean off. A primary benefit of our composite fiberglass posts is their flexural strength. Just as a stiff fishing rod can flex continually and rigorously yet maintain its strength, resiliency, and integrity - so it is with Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ composite posts. They are impervious to constant fence tension, stress and strain and can flex with shock yet will not become bent. Guaranteed!

Built-in Colour
The color of our composite fiberglass pool fence post is built in with colored resins - not painted or simply coated like inferior aluminum posts. So it can never scratch off, peel off, or flake off maintaining the look and high finish quality for years to come.

A note about our Pool Safety Fences

Pool fence posts must endure ongoing forces of fence tension as well as shock whenever a child or pet runs into them. Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ fibreglass composite posts are the only fence posts guaranteed unbreakable and guaranteed never to become bent or crooked. The result - your fence stays straight and attractive and you never have to worry about your fence posts becoming broken. Some key points are: